I’m a software engineer who seeks to help people. Pretty normal, isn’t it? Maybe the musician part isn’t, which is a bonus.

I have a couple projects on the Play Store of my own, a few albums published on Bandcamp and other streaming services, linked down below.

I’m currently developing and focusing on Sosin, which is a messaging app with a bit of a twist on how messages are stored. Refer to the link to more information about it!

I’m also the co-founder of Luki which was both my final project for my graduation as a software engineer and my first try on the “app platform” market. Luki is a service for small salons or even individual people where you, as a client, can book your next service, receive notifications about it and leave reviews; and your provider has everything they need on their phone instead of using pen and paper to keep track of everything. It’s in development as of now (2018) and we are in Teresina, Piauí, Brazil, for now.

Currently, these are the frameworks I learned:

  • Native Android (3 years)
  • Flutter (8 months)
  • Django (2 years)
  • django-rest-framework (1 year)

And these are the lessons that I gathered by using these frameworks and working on the market with Luki:

  • UX is always left behind when it shouldn’t, focus on what’s best for your clients and their problems
  • A good idea doesn’t mean anything if you don’t go around asking every type of person if they have a problem related to it
  • Software engineering itself means so much more than charts and following patterns defined years ago, and it always revolves around what’s best for you, your team and your project
  • You should always get around the fact that everything is already over if you are trying to solve a problem that only exists in your mind.

Enjoy your visit and send a message about anything, if desired!