A little overview about side projects!

June 7, 2017

After a month I figured out that another post here would be something nice to do, right?

I’m going to talk a little about each of my current side projects as of this day, starting with my very first app: Studere, which is almost one year without updates. Yeah.

Studere is a fairly basic app, you can add scores by bimester (something apparently only used here in Brazil), create subjects, its appointments and tests and manage your schedule. It has a notification system that “talks” to you saying what to study based on your usage and average on your subjects and it’s synced with Firebase, which means everything will be the same across various devices. But there’s a huge problem with it. I did it as a final project of my Object-Oriented Programming class, which means its code is sad to work. Pure SQLite database, almost no libraries used besides Firebase and Butterknife, crappy code and performance issues here and there and it’s funny to look at it almost a year later. So, I’ve decided to do a remake of it. From zero. Doing things right as I learned in this year developing Android as I should have done then. For now, you can see how I’m doing here and see the old code here. Good luck if you’re clickin the second link.

Match Maker is an even more basic app, it just makes matches which have an winner and up to four scoreboards. When I did it, there were no Material Design apps that would do this, so there’s my reason.

Tuiter is a Twitter clone made with Django and Materialize also as a final project for a class. I did it in four days with a friend and it was kinda hard to meet the deadline as the subject wasn’t as expected. We were left with little to no knowledge of the more complex things that Django is capable of and had to learn in a weekend or so. Yeah. It does everything that Twitter does except you can edit tweets within 1 minute of its creation! Take that, Twitter. You can use it here and it’s also open-sourced

That’s it for today (or this month, maybe?), see you guys soon!