I kind of left this blog behind

So, yeah. Maybe I’m not good enough doing these blog posts but I swear I’ll try to come here at least once a quarter write something about what I learned.

Almost a year has passed since my last post here and a lot happened since then.

First of all, I’m done with my graduation except some bureaucracy involving getting my degree itself. Second, I found someone amazing that I can’t even describe with words. I even made her an album (which is also on Spotify) with songs I composed thinking of her. I’m really glad that she exists and I hope she’s smiling while reading this.

On the professional side, I kept developing with Android (and Kotlin) mainly the app for my main project and tried learning iOS developemnt and React Native for the goal of releasing its iOS app, and somehow it just failed to enter my mind. Then Flutter appeared a few months ago and now I’m in paradise.

I just finished rebuilding the entire Android app with Flutter in one month working a few hours a day on it, and now it finally runs on iOS too! There’s another one coming soon and I’m really glad that a framework this intuitive now exists within us.

For now, my plan is to get this project working here on my homeland, and if it doesn’t by the end of the year I’ll just get to freelancing.

Thank you for the time reading this and until next time!